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Now in its 2nd Printing!

Pee Wee's back ...

with new friends buzzing with excitement.


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Due to requests for a composting guide book for older students, I have begun combining my six book series into a single chapter book. With just a few illustrations, these stories that include composting facts and a glossary, will appeal to a broader audience of ages seven and older. If this is of interest to you, please email me for further details.

Pee Wee and the Magical Compost Heap

Pee Wee and the Magical Compost Heap

Through the adventures of Pee Wee, the endearing little red wiggler worm and all the insects in the compost heap, the first book introduces children to backyard composting. The series begins when four neighbourhood children are magically transported on the back of a butterfly to visit Castle Compost.

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Pee Wee's Great Adventure:
A guide to Vermicomposting ~ 2nd edition

Pee Wee's Great Adventure: a guide to Vermicomposting

The book's sequel has Pee Wee describing an amazing adventure from a classroom worm bin to a backyard composter. Instructions are included on how to care for worms and harvest their castings.


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Pee Wee's Family in a Nutshell

Pee Wee's Family in a Nutshell

This story unites Pee Wee with cousin Reddy in a classroom worm bin. The book notes the differences between vermicomposting and backyard composting.


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Pee Wee goes to the Fair

Pee Wee and all the compost critters are taken to a Spring Environmental Science Fair where children display their elaborately decorated worm bin.


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Pee Wee's Magical Compost Tea

For a Waste Reduction Week activity, students explore the benefits of brewing and applying compost tea. All the while, Pee Wee and the compost critters plan to host a compost tea party of their own, inside a rotting Jack O’Lantern.


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Pee Wee Meets the Pollinators

Pee Wee & cousin Reddy visit a school’s rooftop garden to learn about the amazing work of pollinators. During their adventure the two red wigglers witness the birth of a monarch butterfly, follow a bee and meet a chorus of crickets. The story also features composting, compost tea, vermicomposting and finished compost.


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Pee Wee's Magical Compost Heap Colouring & Activity Book

Pee Wee invites you to colour the entire book and solve the puzzles at Castle Compost. Twenty-four pages illustrate the joy of composting.


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Order all seven books and save!

These fanciful stories blend fiction with facts. They include songs, poems and additional notes all designed to help teachers, parents and children discuss the process of composting in an interesting way. Each book can be purchased individually or all six books in the series and the colouring book can be purchased for $40.00. Discounts as well for bulk orders. Together they make a good environmental contribution to any library. All books contain post-consumer fibre.

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Pee Wee's Puppet Show & Teacher's Guide

With the purchase of one or more books, the Pee Wee puppet show presentation on composting and my teacher's guide will be emailed upon request to interested environmental educators.


Important Links for the Environment

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Rave reviews from Canada, Michigan & NY!

Larraine is an inspiration to the composting community. Her enthusiasm and adventures with Pee Wee are helping to spread the compost message far and wide. Here is a message and action that is significant in our collective effort to divert valuable organic resources from landfill and return them to the earth for beneficial use through composting.

Susan Antler, Executive Director of the Compost Council of Canada.

My six year old nephew was enthralled! It stirred his imagination (wishes he could shrink down to bug-size) and has my sister getting the composting going again.

Best regards,
Mary O.

"They're funny, they have facts and they're cute!"
~ Zeus, age 7

Submitted by Mom (Consuelo H. - New York).

About the Author

As a freelance writer, Larraine Roulston has been writing on environmental issues since 1987 in community newspapers, magazines.

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International Compost Awareness Week is celebrated annually the first week in May.